Degiacomi research group

Workshops time!

Lucas attended the “Advanced Methods for the Integration of Diverse Structural Data” workshop in Florence. Lucas says: “The workshop covered the foundations and software associated with widely used and upcoming structual biology techniques; including SAXS, NMR, cryo-EM and crystallography in the context of integrative modelling. The days were jam packed with information, and really enlightened a newly christened biophysist such as myself. And of course, the beautiful city of Florence set the backdrop – with good food and wine, which warmed us up in spite of the cold weather from Siberia!”

In the meantime, Matteo travelled to the Freie Universität Berlin to attended the workshop “Computer Tutorial in Markov Modeling“. Some excellent work from the the pyEMMA team, really good to learn about what this Python package can do for the interpretation of MD simulations!