Dr. Matteo T. Degiacomi – Associate Professor

Matteo, holds a MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in life sciences from EPFL (Switzerland). Following a PDRA in the Chemistry Department of the University of Oxford, in 2017 he joined Durham University as EPSRC Early Career Fellow. More information here.

Samuel Musson – PhD Student

Sam grew up in rural Lincolnshire and completed his Master of Chemistry (MChem) at Durham University (2019). After carrying out his Master’s Research Project with Matteo, he was accepted onto the SOFI2 CDT program. Sam re-join the group in 2020 to look at the applications of deep learning methods with respect to the analysis and exploration of a proteins conformation landscape.

Cameron McAllister – PhD Student

Cameron grew up in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool and completed his MSci in Physics at the University of Bristol (2020). Cameron is part of the SOFI2 CDT program, and is co-supervised by Dr. Beth Bromley and Prof. Kevin Weatherill. For his project Cameron is performing single protein spectroscopy using an Enhanced Acoustic Raman (EAR) spectroscopy experiment and will use molecular dynamics simulations to generate more accurate theoretical predictions of proteins’ EAR spectra.

Josh McKeown – PhD Student

Josh is part of the SOFI2 CDT program, and is co-supervised by Dr. Chris Prior in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Dr. Robert Rambo at the Diamond Light Source. For his project, Josh combines geometrical models and molecular dynamics simulations to interpret the folding of proteins as described by SAXS data.

Hannah Lydon – L4 Student

Hannah is a L4 Student from Durham’s Department of Physics, working on benchmarking and improving our protein-protein docking engine, JabberDock.

Cameron Stewart – L4 Student

Cameron is a L4 Student from Durham’s Department of Physics, working on developing and testing our machine learning method, molearn, to sample protein conformational spaces.


  • Hao Man, Masters Student, 2022
  • Saabir Petker, L4 Student, 2021 [PhD student @ SOFI2 CDT]
  • Louis Sayer, L4 Student, 2021
  • Charles Brown, Intern, 2021 [PhD student @ Imperial College London]
  • Lucy Vost, L4 Student, 2020/21 [PhD student @ University of Oxford]
  • Lucas Rudden, PhD student, 2017/21 [PDRA @ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)]
  • Dr. Venkata Krishnan Ramaswamy, PDRA, 2018/21 [researcher @ Cresset]
  • George Carsley, L4 Student, 2019/20
  • Samuel Musson, L4 Student, 2018/19 [PhD student @ Durham University]

A fully funded PhD studentship in the area of machine learning protein conformational spaces is currently available!

Prospective postgraduate students are encouraged to explore funding opportunities such as those detailed in Funding for Postgraduate Research.

Currently no funded PDRA position is available. Outstanding candidates with a strong background in Physics, Computer Science, Computational Chemistry/Biology are encouraged to contact Matteo providing their CV and a short statement of research interests.