emnim_logoEM∩IM relates electron density maps, typically obtained from transmission electron microscopy (EM), with ion-mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS) data.


It allows the user to estimate collision cross-sections from density maps, and thereby enabling the mutual correlation and validation of IM-MS and TEM. Further, the software provides a means to define an appropriate EM threshold value (“contour”), leading to a density map visualisation more representative of actual data.

EM∩IM can be controlled by a Graphical User interface or interactively via Python commands. It has been developed by Matteo while in Benesch group, University of Oxford.


Software and user manual are freely available for academia here


When using EMnIM in your work, please cite:

Degiacomi, M.T.  & Benesch, J.L.P. (2016). EM∩IM: Software for relating ion mobility mass spectrometry and electron microscopy dataAnalyst 141(1): 70-75.