Molecular Biophysics

A six lectures-long postgraduate course on the protein structure, dynamics and interactions, as well as on the computational and experimental techniques used to study them.


Scientific Python programming course for beginners, delivered yearly for the MosMed doctoral school. It is composed of three units:

  • basic functionalities (if-then-else, loops, functions, files manipulation)
  • usage of numpy and matplotlib to read, manipulate, and display numerical data
  • usage for numpy and scipy to analyse and generate numerical data.

The course is available:

Workshop seminars

  • Workshop on MDAnalysis/ML. A day and a half hands-on workshop on combining MDAnalysis and scikit-learn Python packages for the analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories, delivered at:
  • Calculating Collision Cross-Sections. A description of available methods for the calculation of collision cross-sections of molecular models (1h20min), delivered in Ecole Thématique IMMS, Cabourg, France, 2016
  • Introduction to Molecular Dynamics. A general overview on molecular dynamics simulations (40min), delivered in University of Oxford, UK, 2013

Public Engagement

  • The dance of life through the computational microscope, a presentation of proteins and computational biophysics, delivered at Pint of Science (20 min), Durham, 2022 [slides upcoming]