Molecular Biophysics

This postgraduate course provides an overview on biomolecular structure, dynamics and interactions, as well as on the experimental and computational techniques to study them. It is composed of six 1h-long sessions.

MosMed CDT course: “Computing Matters”

A 2 hours-long Linux primer, followed by a 4 hours-long hands-on Python course for the participants to the Molecular Sciences for Medicine (MosMed) CDT.

Foundations of Physics 1

An introduction to Young’s double slit experiment.

Introduction to Python

A Python programming course for beginners, based around written material and practical programming exercises. The following topics are covered: basic syntax; arithmetic and logical operators; if-else; loops; lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries; functions; importing and creating packages; reading and writing files. This course is divided in three 2 hours-long classes, with exercises.

Seminar lectures