Mass spectrometry, structural biology and computational methods: 3 articles!

This week we celebrate the publication of three articles in Analytical Chemistry!

How well do we understand different aspects of native mass spectrometry? And their relationships?

In the scope of the EU COST Action BM1403 on Native MS and Related Methods for Structural Biology, we have contributed to the redaction of two articles. These review existing methods and software to analyse and interpret native mass spectrometry data, and  highlight state of the art and current challenges in the area. We hope these works will stimulate discussions within the community, and serve as help for newcomers to the area

MS_erik_michaelIn related news, in collaboration with Michael Landreh (Karolinska Instituet) and Erik Marklund (Uppsala University) we have figured out that ion mobility can tell more than one would think about the shape of protein complexes. Coupling collision cross section and mass measurements with protein databank searches, we have shown that it is possible to determine whether a protein complex is prolate (like a cigar) or oblate (like a disk).

M. Landreh et al. (2020). Predicting the shapes of protein complexes through collision cross section measurements and database searches, Analytical Chemistry

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