People news

Congratulations to….

  • Lucas Rudden, who is now a doctor after having successfully defended his thesis titled “The Impact of Dynamics in Protein Assembly“. Lucas finished with a bang, by winning two prizes for his work: the BSI Thesis Prize and the Departmental Winton Prize. He has now moved to the group of Prof. Patrick Barth in EPFL as PDRA.
  • Venkat Ramaswamy, who started his new job as researcher in Cresset after having spent two years with us as PDRA, developing machine learning methods to sample protein conformational space.
  • Lucy Vost, who successfully completed her L4 project on molecular dynamics coupled with machine learning, and in October will start her doctoral studies in Computational Discovery at the University of Oxford.

Welcome to…

  • Cameron McAllister, who joins us as PhD student within the SOFI2 CDT programme. Cameron, co-supervised by Dr. Beth Bromley and Prof. Kevin Weatherhill, will develop molecular modelling methods to predict proteins’ Enhanced Acoustic Raman (EAR) spectra.
  • Louis Sayer, joining us for the 2021/22 L4 project on machine learning protein conformational spaces with molearn.
  • Saabir Petker, joining us for 2021/22 L4 project on protein-protein docking with JabberDock.
  • Charles Brown, doing an 8 week-long internship with us. In collaboration with Prof. Martin Cann, Charlie will develop a computational pipeline to investigate lysine carbamylation.

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