Making biomolecular modelling slightly less fiddly

Are you thinking about writing a Python program to load a bunch of PDB files and measure some of their properties (CCS, interatomic distances, solvent-accessible paths, SAXS, …)? Perhaps you would like to move a bunch of structures around to form a complex in your integrative modelling pipeline, where every subunit may take several conformations? Or how about creating bead models of electron density maps, or the opposite? Do you find it fiddly? We did too, this is why we have created Biobox!

Biobox is a Python package that caters for virtually all our biomolecular modelling needs. Basically every publication we ever produced in the last 8 years did, in a way or another, feature Biobox. Now we are making it public, hopefully you will find as helpful for your work as it was for ours! We have put information about it here, including API and a Jupyter notebook demonstrating its main features.

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